The overall effect of a video disco is difficult to describe but easy to see once you have experienced the atmosphere. The ingenious effect is quite simple. The videos help people get into the party spirit much quicker than that of a standard disco. The screens are an integral part of the evenings entertainment. The party go-ers who like to dance will do so and watch the screen at the same time and the ones who have no intention of dancing will be entertained by watching the screens and either end up dancing or just be very happily entertained.

Photographs Displayed

Another amusing and entertaining concept, images of old and new and even ones taken on the day can be displayed on screen. With the help of memory cards and bluetooth technology, guests can send there pictures through from their cameras and mobile phones to be displayed.

Please remember not all Video Discos are the same.

Video Discos


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This show has been designed to give you and your guests that all important wow factor